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What Should You Expect From Us?

A retreat needs to have a concrete payoff, a tangible result that will benefit your business. You want to write a strategic plan, invent a service, or get people communicating and sharing information so that the organization can react quickly to marketplace changes. Those are worthy goals. They each have a substantial ROI.


Select Participants:  Once you’re clear about your goals, you’ll discuss who should attend. We primarily work with the executive team, because they have the most leverage in the organization.

Discuss Logistics:  You’ll then discuss how long the retreat should be, how to invite the people who need to be there, where to hold it, how to get there, what the rooms should look like, and what food to serve for maximum energy.

Establish Benchmarks:  A couple of weeks before the retreat, Mark will meet with all the participants. These meetings can happen in-person or through conference calls. He’ll talk about your objectives, what to expect, and how to prepare. Everyone gets homework as well as an anonymous online survey. The survey acts as a benchmark to measure progress.

Download The Preparation Checklist Here (PDF). Once Mark receives the completed surveys and homework, he works with you and any other chosen leaders to finalize the agenda items.

At the Lefko Group we don’t care for surprises. When you call us to schedule a retreat, here’s what will happen: you’ll speak to our Founder and CEO, Mark Lefko.

He’ll ask you “What has to happen in your organization to make this retreat a worthwhile investment of time and money?” Then he’ll make it happen.

The Retreat and The Takeaways

The retreat itself is highly interactive. Everyone participates and no one escapes. You review the survey results and do exercises. Discussions get going. There are breakout groups and brainstorming sessions. People analyze business models. They talk about their accomplishments, challenges, and their goals for the company.

Assumptions are uncovered. There’s music, color, and toys. There’s friendly competition among groups. A Lefko Group associate takes full notes, so nothing is lost.

All the while, Mark is asking people for takeaways. What are they learning? Why is that important? How can they use newfound knowledge to benefit themselves and the company? Over and over again, he gets participants to come up with their own meaning and use for what’s being created.

At the retreat’s end, he leads a debriefing session, so the participants can hit the ground running. What have you each agreed to? What decisions were made? Who will champion each project? How will you make things work? What measures will you use? What issues remain open, and will be addressed at a future meeting?

Once you’ve tied down all the accountabilities, the retreat is over. If that’s all the help you needed from us, we’re honored to have helped.

Follow Up

If you’d like our continued guidance, we can arrange for monthly or quarterly follow-up meetings, during which we’ll help you make course corrections or tackle new initiatives.
We’re equipped to provide whatever hands-on or transparent services you may need.