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Unlock The Power Of Your Team.
We provide the inspiration.

The supreme quality of leadership is integrity. – Dwight Eisenhower

The Lefko Group’s core mission is to guide leaders in their pursuit of unlocking team power.

Our goal is to empower, inspire, engage and spark creativity, resulting in people finding meaning and fulfillment in their jobs. When team members feel they have a valuable role it translates into productivity, connecting employee’s hearts with their minds and increasing profits, thereby furthering a company’s success.

Through team building exercises a company operates with less friction, bringing an ease to the workflow. This is where Lefko Group brings fun and inspiration to the equation. In short, our task is to reinvigorate employees and increase company profits. At the end of the day everyone wins.

Our  approach is a culmination of insightful Guiding Principles which evolved from the extensive business leadership, facilitation and coaching experiences of our founder, Mark Lefko.

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