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A Chain Is As Strong
as its weakest link.
Conceptualize and Collaborate
in an open environment.
Less me and more we.

Unlock The Power of Your Team.

Working in a strong team environment can make a huge difference to how an organization performs.

But honest leaders know the current rapid-fire business environment leaves everyone busy fighting fires, rather than working on tasks that matter.

To really succeed, leaders need to ensure everyone within their teams – and the teams themselves – are all working together.

Connecting at every level

In a truly effective and successful organization, everyone – including leaders, supervisors and departments – is moving forward in lockstep at the same pace.

At Lefko Group, we recognize that to achieve this you need to strengthen the connection between Board and management. Without it, communication breaks down and sharing ceases.

Our Organizational Integration program and tools are designed to make this happen. They help build – or rebuild – the connections and consensus that make projects happen.

What does it involve?

We work to help teams:

  • Identify and understand their priorities
  • Better frame organizational challenges
  • Find enhanced ways to communicate and collaborate on important projects
  • Break down barriers to innovation and problem solving
  • Clarify and understand their organization’s values, culture and people
  • Build their conflict resolution skills
  • Break down entrenched internal silos
  • Move forward at the same pace and direction
  • Build interdepartmental management peer groups

How are we different?

Unlike facilitators who rely on gimmicks like ‘trust falls’ to strengthen your team, we believe the key to integrating an organization is getting people to do something that matters.

We believe in actually working on and solving a company’s business problems.

By encouraging teams to solve real-life problems through real-life experiences in real-time open environments, we can help unlock the true effectiveness that comes from working together.

Real benefits, real value

Our Organizational Integration program is designed to deliver real value to a business by strengthening the relationships within it. Using our tools helps teams to:

  • Get to know and respect one another
  • Create a collaborative and productive environment
  • Boost cohesion and fulfilment
  • Feel more energized and part of something bigger than themselves
  • Build an environment that encourages creativity and problem solving
  • Trust their instincts and act accordingly

Want to know more?

At Lefko Group, we are committed to helping companies unleash the power within their teams.

So if you want to find out more about how you can build the level of Organizational Integration within your business, get in touch today [Contact Us].