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Bill McGinnis

National Technical Systems

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Build Communication
to reach a consensus.
Cohesive Teams
divide the tasks to multiply the successes.
Conceptualize and Collaborate
to identify new business opportunities.
Identify Goals
in an open environment.

Leading has never been more difficult

Life at the top is tough. New trends and technologies are completely transforming our business and personal environment, making the task of true leadership harder.

Today’s successful leaders are on a continuous learning journey. They need to explore fresh ways to deal with the new business reality and embrace the personal changes necessary to advance their organization, colleagues and community.

Who can help?

At Lefko Group, we believe a great way to face these challenges is to work with, and learn from, other business leaders facing similar issues.

Our Leadership Roundtables provide opportunities for C-suite business executives to develop new strategies for leading their teams and creating flexible organizations. They also provide an exciting way to better understand yourself, your surroundings and your impact on the world.

Gain the outside view

Leadership Roundtables tap into the wisdom and experience of your executive peers and offer you fresh perspectives from outside your current reality.

Groups provide an invaluable sounding board to help you consider new ideas, make better decisions and get clarity on your challenges through honest feedback.

How do Leadership Roundtables work?

  • Roundtables consist of 8-10 C-suite leaders from successful companies operating at the leading edge of business practice.
  • Ongoing monthly in-person meetings last for 4 hours, with time spent discussing specific topics and sharing critical experiences, insights and ideas.

Meetings provide a safe, confidential and non-competitive group setting to explore difficult leadership issues such as how you can:

  • Become a better leader, ready to meet the challenges of the 21st Century
  • Collaborate effectively in a competitive environment
  • Lead your team calmly, gracefully and effectively

What are the benefits?

Participating in a Leadership Roundtable delivers real value – both professionally and personally. Groups provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Fine-tune your ideas and business initiatives before implementation.
  • Share your personal business challenges with other leaders who want you to succeed.
  • Utilise the experience of fellow leaders to brainstorm and source new ideas and inspiration.
  • Share your experience and advice with others in a small group environment.
  • Access high-quality outside leadership resources.
  • Receive maximum benefit and value from every meeting through professional and experienced group facilitation.

What are the membership criteria?

Leadership Roundtables are designed to suit the needs of business leaders looking to evolve and grow their understanding of management in line with the transforming business and personal environment. You must be:

  • Working as a C-suite level executive (Chairman, CEO, President, Managing Partner, Managing Director, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, EVP, SVP, VP) and leading at least five people within your organization.
  • Open to discussing what it means to be an effective leader and how you can improve in this area.
  • Eager to help your organization and other people, grow and flourish.
  • Aware of your influence and impact on your community and keen to be of service to others.
  • Willing to be accountable to yourself and the group.
  • Seeking camaraderie, mutual respect, business understanding and a feeling of community with like-minded professionals.

If you are interested in finding out more about what real leadership looks like and how you can share your learning journey with others, get in touch today [Contact Us].