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Tim Noonan

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“Mark brought balance to my life. Since working with him, my stress level must have decreased by 400%.”

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Guiding Principles
To be a leader is to have the values of a leader.
"No man remains quite what he was
when he recognizes himself.” - Thomas Mann
Climb A Mountain,
Tell No One.

Nine Guiding Principles illustrate the aspirational Values Of Leaders which Mark Lefko imparts to others through his work. They are simple indicators,  provided with an understanding that they will be improved, adjusted and personalized, written in sand rather than etched in stone.

It is absurd that a man should rule others, who cannot rule himself.
~ Latin Proverb

What Are Your Company Values?

More importantly, does your team know what those values are? If you are unsure how to answer either of these questions, you can benefit from our Guiding Principles Identification retreat.

  • Determine your company values
  • Help your team implement these values to create a powerful and vibrant culture
  • Carry your values into your brand messaging

Utilizing Guiding Principles for Business Results in…

  • Your team embracing change more easily
  • Higher profits
  • Easier decision-making and less micro management
  • A more creative, focused and productive team
  • Less stress

Our process and approach are outlined in Mark Lefko’s free downloadable eBook

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