Get full value from your Corporate Retreat

and make better decisions through private CEO Coaching.

A retreat needs to have a concrete payoff, a business result. We aren't just about "trust falls."

We do things like get your team invigorated and focused, write a strategic plan, settle a dispute, invent a product, position a service, systematize a process, and create an incentive program at a retreat. The Lefko Group provides quantifiable resources to explore and define the full value of a team, inspiring others so that, collectively, everyone contributes positively towards a mutually-desired, community-attained goal. 

When planning your event, one of your most important decisions will be selecting a facilitator to assist you with the entire retreat. Learn how the Lefko Group is different.

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Jim Freedman

Managing Director
Intrepid Investment Bankers

“We brought Mark in to facilitate and it turned out to be a tremendous success.”


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